Evolving design landscape - Designing for inclusivity

Join us as R/GA Portland hosts Tim Allen from Microsoft, Tera Hatfield from Torch and James Keller from Mozilla Firefox for a discussion on our changing design landscape and inclusive design.

Designing for inclusivity not only opens up our products and experiences to more people with a wider range of abilities, it also reflects how people really are. All humans are growing, changing, and adapting to the world around them every day. We want our designs to reflect that diversity. Every decision we make can raise or lower barriers to participation in society. It’s our collective responsibility to lower these barriers though inclusive products, services, environments, and experiences. R/GA will provide drinks and snacks at this event.

This exciting evening will feature:

Sammi Needham Executive Creative Director, R/GA Portland

Tera Hatfield Design Director, Torch

Tim Allen Partner, Microsoft

James Keller Sr. Director of UX, Firefox

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Thursday, April 11, 2019



R/GA Portland

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