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Dungeons & Dragons & Design

Join Colby Nichols (Jolby & Friends) as he leads fellow Portland creatives Adam Garcia, Tammi Heneveld, and Ian Whitmore in a game of Dungeons & Dragons! Here's the twist: you'll get the chance to participate, too!

This event will show you how group-gaming can sharpen your critical thinking skills and strengthen a team's dynamic. In the world of D&D, anything can happen. A Dungeon Master leads a group of adventurers through a fantasy world presenting challenges, battles, and puzzles, all of which must be solved as a group. It's the apex of creativity, critical thinking, socializing, and fun. The only limit is the size of your imagination and the roll of the dice.

How participation will work — The audience will be split between spectators and participants. Spectators can sit back and watch the adventure unfold as the participants will be asked to offer suggestions to the players when their turn comes up. We'll rotate through actions chair-by-chair, giving every participant a chance to play in a D&D campaign. The results will be random, fun, ridiculous and epic!

As the Dungeon Master, Colby will be revealing illustrations of characters and other things as they are encountered by the adventurers as well as providing sounds to complete the experience.

Ticket Types —

Spectator — $8 — Watch, laugh, and chill!

Participant — $10 — As a participant, you'll be sitting in a special section of the audience where we'll call on you to give suggestions to the players. Don't fret! This is one big experiment and we'll be guiding you along the way.

Whether you're just curious about D&D or you're a veteran, all levels of experience are welcome. Each attendee will also leave with a screen print of the artwork you see in this post.

Beer graciously provided by lvl 666 Hop Wizards Wayfinder Beer.

This Festival Event has ended.


Wednesday, April 10, 2019 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm


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