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Destructive Idealism: Rethinking Resilient Systems

This event will begin promptly at 10:15am.

Our built environment is the product of generations of ideas and values layered upon one another, but recent generations have held ideals that are incompatible with the sustainable lifestyles we must lead today. Building social, economic, and environmental resilience in our communities requires that we revisit our visions, overthrow existing norms, and take deliberate action.

This panel aims to challenge participants to rethink resilience in both their disciplines and lifestyles - bringing different perspectives that may seem incompatible into coherence. “Destructive Idealism: Rethinking Resilient Systems” fosters a balanced platform for professionals in architecture, science, art, and social justice to discuss different resilient systems and ways to take deliberate action.

Panelists include:

Emma Prichard | Plastic Lizard Recycling

Susan Jones | atelierjones, llc

Tim Smith | SERA Architects

Mark Lakeman | Communitecture | The City Repair Project

Ronald Rael | UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design

This event will be organized by students in UO’s Ecological Design Center (The EDC). For the past twenty-four years the EDC has organized the Eugene-based HOPES Ecological Design Conference ( Last year, students of the White Stag Block expanded HOPES to Portland as part of Design Week Portland and wish to organize a series of events in Portland on April 13 as part of the Design Week Portland lineup of events this year. “Destructive Idealism: Rethinking Resilient Systems” will involve short talks by several professionals representing different disciplines followed by a panel and question and answer session, and reception with light refreshments.

This event takes place prior to “Civic Ecology: Tools for the Constructive Idealist" (formerly titled: "Destructive Idealism: Empowering Local Community” and works in tandem with the workshop later in the day. In addition, HOPES has partnered with "What is Technology?" to host the PATTERNS exhibit in the Light Court Commons of the White Stag Block in Portland from April 11 - May 11.

We encourage you to visit each website for more details and other events occurring during each conference this year.


What is Technology?

This Festival Event has ended.


Saturday, April 13, 2019 from 10:00am to 11:30am


UO Portland White Stag Block


University of Oregon Ecological Design Center

The student-led Ecological Design Center (EDC) organizes the HOPES Ecological Design Conference - focusing on holistic sustainability.