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Designing an Irresistible Workplace

Organizational culture is often the difference maker between taking the next step forward or a big leap backward for any company. No matter the size, no matter the history of the company, crafting a thriving team culture and great workspace is tantamount to success and growth.

Organizational cultures need to be designed or they will design their own chaos. Our co-founders, Brian Stinson and Jen Coyne, will lead this culture workshop. You will learn how to create a values-based culture, develop a timeline for investing in organizational culture, and ultimately create a healthy and high-performing team. Normally part of a day-long Culture Bootcamp, you'll get an amazing value for your time and money!

These three-hour workshops are limited to ten people; two workshops will be available throughout Design Week.

Please note that this location requires climbing 1 flight of stairs. If you have accessibility concerns, please contact us so we can work to accommodate your needs.

Due to preparation costs, we will be unable to refund the cost of the session after 4/2/19. Thanks for your understanding!

This event is part of the Designing an Irresistible Workplace series

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Thursday, April 11, 2019 from 9:00am to 12:00pm


The PEAK Fleet

The PEAK Fleet is reinventing the employee experience. We are a collaborative group helping organizations develop strong leaders and effective teams. Our Mission is to create an engaged workforce that thrives together. Co-founders Jen Coyne and Brian Stinson build upon 25 years of experience each to help teams become more persistent, empathetic, authentic, and kind.