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Dance Church™

Dance Church™ is an all abilities movement class that offers a fun, nonexclusive approach to dancing. Designed for people of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and identities, Dance Church™ is a communal space for everyone who wants to move their body.

The teacher guides this 90 min class in a series of movement cues, accompanied by a curated playlist of multi-genre pop music. Listen, explore, laugh and sweat (a lot) together. The format is open, there is no front. This is the dance party you wish you had last night.

All levels, body types, identities and genders. No previous training is required, but open-mindedness is a prerequisite.

Wear clothes that you can sweat in.

Dance Church™ was created by choreographer Kate Wallich in 2010.

Allison Jacks is the co-founder of Bone Velvet Arts Formation and Dance Church leader in Portland, OR, teaching on a regular basis Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings. Bone Velvet Arts Formation is a non-profit organization based in portland, or. Their focus is to support the current and evolving arts + business (work) culture in our community through producing events + curating performances.

AJ and Kate created a partnership through Bone Velvet in 2017 to expand Dance Church- starting in Portland, the first city outside of its hometown, Seattle, to hold the class regularly. Since then, Dance Church has grown to have several homes, including Los Angeles, New York, and Indianapolis.

Dance Church™ has grown explosively, reaching over 250 people each week. Through partnerships with other organizations Velocity Dance Center, Bone Velvet Arts Formation, StepsPDX, Gibney, Century Ballroom, BodyVox, On the Boards, Washington Hall, Abbey Arts, Rain City Rock Camp for Girls, Friends of the Waterfront and the Henry Art Gallery. Dance Church™ has reached over 2,200 new students since January 2017 and has provided discounted class for working dancers.

This Festival Event has ended.


Sunday, April 7, 2019 from 10:00am to 11:30am


Bone Velvet Arts Formation

Bone Velvet Arts Formation is a non-profit organization. Our focus is community building through producing events + curating performances. Follow us @bone_velvet