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Cultural identity, feminism and sexuality intercept with design, fashion, and technology. WeMake presents A Conversation with New York artists Shawna X

This is a 21+ event only

WeMake welcomes New York artist & creative consultant Shawna X .

Known for her vibrant and highly graphical images, Shawna X creates work for clients in music, fashion, technology, and across mediums in digital, spatial and motion spaces. Shawna has collaborated on unique experiences with clients such as Adidas, Adobe, Ghostly International, New Yorker, and Warby Parker. She enjoys projects discussing cultural identity, sexuality, and the modern creative process.

Originally from China, Shawna grew up in Portland. As an immigrant drawing was her way of interpreting the world around her. Today she’s taken that care of expression and created a career by visualizing her inner voice.

WeMake is excited to welcome Shawna back to Portland for an intimate conversation at The Mississippi Studios. Expect a night that celebrates diversity in design, music, and art.

Live Musical performance by the local Brown Calculus. Brown Calculus explores the soundscapes of the post-soul movement. Keyboardist and beat maker, Andre Burgos, and singer/songwriter, Vaughn Kimmons, are Geminis, illuminating the sacredness of Black music, seeking to bring about community on Earth and beyond. They reveal the connection between complicated time signatures and Black divinity, with a cosmic sound that remains grounded. Sharing the same body in their past lives, they perform with melanated synergy.

This is a 21+ event only- Tickets are available directly from our site as well!

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Tuesday, April 9, 2019 from 7:00pm to 10:00pm



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