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Changing Course : Short Stories From Designers + Creatives

Changing Course // Short stories from designers and creatives who redefined their intent to include the unexpected

The audience will be entertained with 9 quick, short stories from storytellers describing a moment in their career or design process when straying from their initial intent offered an unanticipated outcome.

Storytellers will share a wide variety of stories that incorporate surprising opportunities, from embracing the happy accidents of design, to major career and business shifts.

This event will be energetic, educational, entertaining and engaging for all types of designers, makers, and entrepreneurs. We hope the audience leaves feeling inspired to be flexible and unobstructed by expectations.


  • Laura Whipple - CEO / Co-Founder of Scout Books - @scoutbooks
  • Danielle Lipsky – Industrial Designer / Snowboard Designer - @danilipsky
  • Sarah Donofrio - Fashion / Print Designer / Project Runway - @sarahdonofriodesigns
  • Lisa Jones + Samantha Cole – Owners of Pigeon Toe Ceramics - @pigeon_toe
  • Breesa Culver - Storyteller / Podcast Producer - @thestateofsuperior
  • Alison Wu - Stylist / Recipe Developer / Lifestyle Blogger / Founder of Wu Haus - @alison__wu
  • Jocelyn Rice - Apparel Designer for PFG/PHG at Columbia Sportswear - @mycabinentofcurosities 
  • Britt Howard - Founder of Portland Garment Factory - @portlandgarmentfactory
  • Yvonne Perez Emerson - Founder of The Study / WeMake / Make & Mary - @enterthestudy + @wemakepdx + @themakeandmary


  • Guest DJ - Lil Grenadine - @lil.grenadine


Event Graphic By: Sophie Electra Walsh -


Media Sponsor: GRAY Magazine

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Monday, April 8, 2019 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm


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