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Building an ADU from Idea to Occupancy

This is a three-part event encompassing a talk, workshop, and tour of an in-progress ADU in North Portland.

Part one will be a talk about the financing, permitting, design, and construction considerations that went into the specific subject project. Issues discussed will be the design process, getting real-world financing, permitting — including what it takes to get a variance requiring neighborhood feedback — working with a builder and lender to create a budget, and finally, the process of construction itself.

Part two will be a town hall-style workshop about ADUs and their various implications for contemporary urban living. Aforma invites the community to participate in a meaningful discussion about living small, neighborhood density, short-term leasing, equitable design, and owner-led microdevelopment. As ADUs have become more widespread, the conversation surrounding them has evolved. Where do we stand today?

Part three will be a tour of the ADU itself, which will be in construction! The benefits of viewing the ADU as it is taking form will be made valuable by an examination of the building process itself. Construction drawings and progress photos/videos will be used to explain the construction process. We will discuss particular considerations when establishing specifications and making selections (building components, systems, fixtures, and furnishing).

This Festival Event has ended.


Saturday, April 13, 2019 from 10:00am to 1:00pm



Aforma is a design-build studio specializing in high-quality modern home and ADU construction. End-to-end from idea to occupancy.