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Breaking Borders: From Mexico to the World

We at Industry would like to contribute in the collective conversation at Design Week Portland by shedding light on some of the inspirational stories from our neighbors to the south, inspiring people beyond borders through design and creativity.

We have invited 4 creative minds from Mexico to share their stories and input on how Mexican design is igniting a new perspective and breaking down borders physically and psychologically. We will explore what role their city and culture have played in their careers, what they would like to share with the world, and how the global perception on Mexican design has shifted over the last years impacting the world, beyond the US.

Our goal is to shift the mindset of the power of creativity through these incredible artists.

Event Breakdown:

6:00 PM
Doors open

6:30 PM
Artist presentations

Alan V. Favero
Creative Director / Taller Lu'um Design

Mariana Garcia
Photographer / Founder of P Magazine

Alonso Murillo
Fashion Stylist / Designer / Producer

Ricardo Gonzalez
Artist / Founder of "It's a Living"

7:30 PM
Panel discussion hosted by Andrea Perez

8:00 PM

This Festival Event has ended.


Thursday, April 11, 2019 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm



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