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Bio-inspired Design for a Sustainable World - 2

"Disrupt your thinking. Flex your creativity. Get a jolt of inspiration. Envision your role in creating a sustainable world.

During this hands-on experience, we’ll cover basics of Sustainable Design and Biomimicry and share tools of Bio-Inspired Design. While playing with nature, you’ll sharpen your skills of observation and learn new tools for ideation.

You’ll leave with a worksheet you can use to practice bringing nature to your design table to create more innovative and sustainable solutions. Brought to you by experts in the emerging field of Sustainable Design, we take you beyond recycling and composting and dig into design’s role in crafting a sustainable future."

This is on TUESDAY at 330-6pm. (we are running the same workshop Sunday the 7th from 1-330pm) Here's the Sunday link:

Note: This is NOT a two-part series. These are two different sessions of the same workshop.

Looking forward to meeting you! Stef + Denise

[email protected] + [email protected]

This event is part of the Bio-Inspired Design series

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Tuesday, April 9, 2019 from 3:30pm to 6:00pm


Green Crane Innovation + Minneapolis College of Art and Design

MCAD’s fully online MA in Sustainable Design program partners with Green Crane Innovation, a PDX EcoDesign firm.