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We welcome you to Urbanite a designer collective store and experience. With 45 showrooms, one being a collaborative effort of Modern Furniture design brought to you by Revive Upholstery & Design, Salvage Works, and LR Design.

Drinks, noshery, and meet the makers!

Special appearance from Penny Black Interiors.

Urbanite is the cornerstone source for designers, production companies, bars and restaurants in Portland. Amongst the 45 showrooms, industrial photo space, and fine art gallery shopping is made into an experience. Tired of getting lost in mass production “big box” stores? Having fantasies of a perfectly outfitted home? Use local, quality and high design. Submerge yourself in a walkthrough of the elements of Modern furniture in a curated collaboration of Revive Upholstery & Design, Salvage Works, and LR Design.

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Sorry, this open house is sold out. Browse the full schedule to find something you might like.