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Chocolate Craft Studio

Chocolate Craft Studio and Confection Crafts combine in our new space! Stop by and make a chocolate cigarette or sugar "doo-dad" (that's a technical term) and learn more about creating delicious art. We also specialize in natural color and even manufacture sprinkles. The new space is located just down the walkway and behind the main house on N Williams. If you can't make it this time, look for spontaneous hands on activities all year long.

Have you noticed it's raining? The sidewalk repairs won't be done until the sun is out again, so be careful at the end of the driveway where it's still rough. Enter beneath the deck at the end of the driveway and join us for drinks, snacks, chocolate and sugar celebrating the first event at the new space.

Our space is multi-functional. We manufacture and sell naturally colored sprinkles and decorating products, chocolate craft kits and modeling chocolate. There is always chocolate on hand, and we sell it by the pound. Looking to learn or improve your knowledge of tempering chocolate or working with sugar? We can arrange a personalized lesson. Schedule a decorating party or team building event for folks ages 6 to 106. Come make chocolate wine glasses, blow sugar bubbles, create an edible ornament or build a chocolate and sugar castle; we have ideas for keeping everyone entertained! And as we settle into the new space, look for spontaneous hands on events for even younger folks, like making a chocolate penguin or owl.