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An Opening Exhibition at OFFICE 52 Architecture

Join us for OFFICE 52 Architecture’s opening preview exhibition of “Rigorous Intuition: The Art of Architecture,” featuring oil painting vignettes and drawings, part of a series of Oregon landscape color studies of natural regional landscape tones completed by partner M. LaFoe for the terra cotta glaze palette on Tykeson Hall, the new 64,000 sf building soon to be complete for the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Oregon. The building’s exterior is a thoughtfully choreographed design in which brick, terra cotta and glass accentuate one another, a mixture of traditional materials infused with a modern aesthetic and regional palette to create an architectural experience that is unique to the Eugene campus landscape. The materiality of this project is transformative - this is the first building to use terra cotta on the historic campus in eighty years - melding contemporary geometry with five custom glazes. The project’s story is a catalyst for thinking about how the design for a first-of-its-kind academic center with innovative program elements and unique spatial organization accommodating flexible development can bring together an interdisciplinary group of people that embrace the value of a broad-based liberal arts and sciences education combined with academic/career advising to maximize student success. To realize its focus on energy efficiency and sustainable materials, Tykeson Hall is on course to achieve LEED V4 Gold certification, one of the US Green Building Council’s (USGBC) highest levels, and the building is designed to use 34% less energy than if it had been built to the Oregon Energy Code minimum.

Exhibition includes oil painting vignettes, drawings, materiality and conceptual design models for UO Tykeson Hall as well as design process material for other studio projects. Our newly published book, Form and Dichroic Light, will be on display.

OFFICE 52 Architecture is the design firm for the award-winning Scott Hall, the new 109,000 sf Nano-Bio-Energy Technologies Building for the College of Engineering and Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation at Carnegie Mellon University, a commission won in an invited national design competition. Detail image below.