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Aesop West End

What inspires bonsai design? Is it the raw, delicate human form or the elder trees of the Rocky Mountains protruding from stone backdrops? Does literature inspire the mind to move the branches or is it the tree itself that condones the outcome? What inspires one to shape a bonsai tree or choose the harmonious pairing between tree and ceramic vessel is infinite. Ryan Neil is the backbone of Bonsai Mirai out of St. Helens, Oregon-pioneering in working with native species of North America. His mission has been to educate people through hands on classes and Bonsai Mirai's live stream on the tangible care for potting and how anyone can connect themselves to bonsai.

Please join us at Aesop West End to experience a selection of Bonsai Mirai's incredible pieces in person. We will take a special moment in the evening at 5:30PM when Ryan will discuss the components that help produce and conceptualize that which is bonsai.

Aesop is a Melbourne based company specializing in elevated skin, body and hair care products. We marry botanical ingredients of the highest quality with science backed knowledge; emphasizing on sustainability practices and community building through art focused ventures. Design has been an essential part of Aesop's DNA as we look to push the boundaries of the senses in our unique signature spaces across the globe.

Photo provided curtesy of Chris Hornbecker and Bonsai Mirai