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What You Were Taught About Leadership Is Wrong, Dead Wrong!

In today’s uncertain and fast changing world, what worked in the past most likely will not work in future. We can no longer solely lead from the top, leadership has to emerge from all parts of the organization. This is the challenge facing leaders today: how to let go of control and empower others to achieve the desired results.

This workshop is designed for leaders looking to take their leadership skills to the next level. Traditional management and leadership theory is built around the need for control. Leaders figure out where to go and how to get there, and then direct their organization to achieve the outcome. As our business environment becomes increasingly complex and uncertain, successful leaders are recognizing they can no longer control what is going on. Instead, they are adopting a new adaptive style of leadership. One that replaces certainty with curiosity, knowing with learning, directing with coaching, and standardization with adaptability.

In this hands-on 2.5-hour workshop we will describe this new style of adaptive leadership and you will leave with practical skills you can start using with your organization immediately. Our only ask is be willing to show up and challenge what you know to be true. All participants will receive a summary of the content shared in the workshop.

This Year-Round Event has ended.


Wednesday, August 12, 2020


Virtual Event





Oyster is a Portland based Executive Coaching and Consulting company. Oyster is built on a radically simple idea: that leadership is no accident. Leaders—true, proven, authentic leaders— are rarely the result of lucky genes or fleeting inspiration. Leaders aren’t born. They’re made. And better still, they can be taught.