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Design Your Next [ _______ ]

An interactive virtual experience focused on self-exploration and connection: the foundation for action. Gear up for a personal and/or professional shift, gain momentum to get jamming on your life, NOW. Take a leap and bring your whole self. Leave renewed, empowered, and committed to YOUR North Star.

Tell me more. Design Your Next [ ____ ] is all about channeling your deepest values and enabling growth. Think of this workshop as an opportunity to tune into YOU, partner with new faces, unlock your superpowers, and reveal your landscape of support in uncertain times.

Who will dig this? No matter where you are in life, you will enjoy this if you are craving community, ready for a shift, or just want to unlock an Aha! moment during this bizarre time of the pandemic.

What do I leave with?

  • Affirmation of ALL you are: your intrinsic goodness and how it shows up in the world
  • Understanding where you are in this turbulent time, and one thing, goal, or shift that can be a game changer for the path forward
  • A landscape of your support map to enable your best self
  • A living action plan and renewed momentum to kick start a shift, be it major or micro, in your life
  • A community to support you, here and now

Do I need to bring anything? Registered participants will receive a small package in the mail. The experience begins with a little introspective pre-work in advance of the session to get your head in the game. The workshop involves facilitated breakouts and virtual community building to round out the experience.

I’m intrigued. Why should I do this now? Well, it’s just a single session that could inspire a host of ideas and energy to build on your goodness in this crazy time of the pandemic. Choose to spend 90-minutes a little differently: join a community passionate about togetherness and bringing out our innate goodness. Become an integral part of helping others while dedicating some of your time to YOU. Bring an open heart & mind, readiness to share your story, and willingness to reflect on the experience.


Thursday, July 9, 2020


Virtual Event
VIRTUAL // Zoom Meeting




The Goodness Collaborative

The Goodness Collaborative helps you do new things. Things that are hard. Things that you've never done before. Things that require courage and confidence. We believe in your innate superpowers — we call it your goodness — and we help you live them. Our sweet spot is supporting and elevating people and organizations as they navigate these new, hard things.

We provide guidance through significant moments of transition for individuals, companies, and community partners, in pursuit of shaping a functional and supportive ecosystem.