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Mariel Alvarado

For Hire

Mariel Alvarado is a graphic designer, a former Community Health professional, a returned Peace Corps Volunteer, and a Venezuelan-American hybrid. She deeply values her bicultural upbringing and attributes much of her zest for life and worldview to her experience being bicultural and her work abroad. She loves Latin America, the people, their humility, their resilience, and their spirit for savoring life.

From working with Nicaraguan youth on HIV prevention campaigns to training volunteers in advocacy work for sexual assault survivors in the US, these experiences directly inform her ability to effectively design with a high standard of cultural sensitivity, inclusion, and ethics. It’s true her professional path did not follow the typical path of a designer, but that unique background is what has prepared Mariel to do what she loves to do as a graphic designer. Working with mission-driven humanitarian organizations and non-profits is what gives her life, because—just like Mariel—they acknowledge the inequities in our world and are committed to narrowing those gaps.