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Dylan Woock

For Hire

Dylan is a true jack of all trades. As an architectural designer, spatial planner, 3D modeler woodworker, metalworker and photographer, his design sensibility is rooted in the landscape and sustainable practices. Dylan has extensive experience in fabrication and intuitively understands materials and how they come together to create beautiful, simple and functional artwork. He attended the University of Oregon School of Architecture and Allied Arts where he earned a Bachelors degree in Architecture. Dylan has since worked and studied both abroad in Canada and Germany and now resides in Portland Oregon where he works as a designer and runs his personal multi-disciplinary design studio, Landform Workshop.

Dylan's primary ethos lies in addressing the multitude of issues brought on by climate change through fundamentally sustainable design principles. He desires to translate the learned knowledge of cultures and observations of nature into contemporary design to help make more efficient and meaningful spaces and environments.