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Cara Ungar

She, Her, Hers
For Hire

Aristotle tells us that Techne (pronounced tek-nay) is the process of rhetoric as an "art," of persuasion, the ends of which are human good. That's what I try to do. I've banked many years in the creative, tech, and nonprofit sectors and have a unique perspective on and capacity for copywriting, editing, strategy (content, communications, social media, brand, campaign, UX), marketing, research and analysis, and client relationships.

I’ve experience producing original, branded, creative copy for Nike’s Girl Effect, Airbnb, Umpqua, Sinegal Vineyards, PwC, the Standard, the Emerson Collective, Circle Media Labs,, the Spoon Foundation, Yoga Union, and others. And I’ve created editorial calendars and content across digital channels for those very brands. I’ve written SEM-driven Google Ad and paid media copy as well as SEO-enhanced website copy. I’ve also translated market research into high-level messaging, social media (organic and paid), newsletters, blog posts, web copy, research reports, case studies, and lobbying materials. That work helped me, for example, raise revenue per-campaign (Back-to-School and Holiday) 125% for Circle Media Labs

I'm passionate about community, progress, and creativity, and am endlessly curious about media, humane technology, behavioral economics and pop culture.

I meditate. A lot. Through that practice I've come to feel deeply connected to and compassionate toward human-kind. I bring this big love to all that I do, and most especially to my work.