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Amy Ruppel

her, she

Hello all- I thought I would hop on here as a platform for help/advice for anyone struggling right now due to COVID-19 setbacks, loss of work, etc. I have been freelancing and having gallery art shows for 20 years. I don't have all the answers, but usually when you talk things out, an idea is born from a problem's solution-brainstorm, or suggestion, and then another, and another. If anything, it could help in becoming motivated (I will admit I am having trouble staying motivated myself. Netflix and HBO are so good right now.). I am personally using this time to learn new skills (back to animation for me), and to also treat it as a sort of "home art residency". I paint (fine art) and illustrate... and get crafty now and then so I don't get carpal tunnel (make those hands move in new ways now and again). Hit me up if you have any questions, worries, if you need a laugh (I used to work for The Onion - I have my moments)... if you need prompts for projects, or if you're a fellow artist who just wants to talk. I'm here for you. Let's be here for each other. XO

• Here is a link to set up a time to talk (copy/paste):