James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation

James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation envisions an Oregon where the arts thrive in supportive communities, and educational systems support the effectiveness of teaching and learning in every classroom. Miller Foundation invests in strong leaders and business models, and we encourage strategic approaches that enable grant funds to have a significant impact.


This is where we come from, everything we do is rooted in sport. And sport plays an increasingly important role in more and more people’s lives, on and off the field of play. Sport is central to every culture and society and is core to an individual’s health and happiness. Therefore, we believe that, through sport, we have the power to change lives. This core belief guides the way we run our company, how we work with our partners, how we create our products, and how we engage with our consumers.

Aspect Law

Aspect Law Group provides business law, intellectual property law, and entertainment law services to people and businesses across the United States.


Autodesk makes software for people who make things. If you’ve ever driven a high-performance car, admired a towering skyscraper, used a smartphone, or watched a great film, chances are you’ve experienced what millions of Autodesk customers are doing with our software.


Holst is committed to creating timeless architecture that is in harmony with nature while respecting and responding to its context. Our humble confidence results in a specificity that mirrors the time, place, and culture in which we practice.


Instrument is an independent, digital creative agency in Portland, Oregon. They’re designers, technologists, strategists, writers, directors, and producers—united by a pioneering spirit. Together, they build digital products, brands and experiences for every screen.

Killian Pacific

We believe in enhancing community. You are what you build, but we also believe that building the project is just the start of the process. We are committed to an ongoing positive relationship with our tenants and the community and feel the best way to ensure that is to continue to oversee and manage them ourselves.

Nelson Cash

We invest in possibility over probability, curiosity over convention, and people over processes. In practice, this means we are designers that code, coders that research, researchers that write. We are designing new intersections for culture and technology.


We believe that, one day, everything will be connected. And when those connections happen, problems will start to disappear. We make it easy for our customers to build and deploy IoT products that solve real problems and create real value.


The Portland Incubator Experiment — known more commonly as PIE — has become an ongoing experiment designed to enable established organizations — corporations, government, and educational institutions, among others — to more effectively collaborate with startup communities in mutually beneficial ways.

Scout Story Lab

Scout Story Lab is a boutique agency lead by content experts. We’re a team of seasoned storytellers with backgrounds in publishing, marketing, and advertising. We believe people are fascinating and never stop looking for fresh ways to connect with them.


We started Torch to make it easier for designers and developers to realize their ideas in 3D. Fostering creativity, giving people the tools to realize their ambitions, and doing so in a supportive and positive environment are all core to the Torch ethos.


We encourage each other to Open up, Sense more; to be curious, imaginative and innovative. We enjoy the challenge of breaking through barriers of convention and technology. Curiosity, imagination and courage lead to great innovation.