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Kristin Rogers Brown and Kate Bingaman Burt

Educators Kristin Rogers Brown and Kate Bingaman-Burt blessed us with a sunshine-filled chat on our Instagram Live about connection and showing your work. Here's an excellent resource guide on how to be confident with your portfolio, website, and outreach techniques.

Breaking Borders

Breaking Borders: Just Beyond the Border

Lisa Dougherty

Industry, an independent global agency hosted an illuminating conversation during Design Week Portland with four boundary-breaking artists: Alan V. Favero, Mariana Garcia, Alonso Murillo, and Ricardo Gonzalez.


A Nod to Mod Celebrates the Scooter Community and Mod-Inspired Fashion

Lisa Dougherty

Celebrating the scooter community and mod-inspired fashion, A Nod to Mod was a fast hit during Design Week Portland 2019.

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Placemaking for a Sustainable Future

Placemaking has the power to improve the quality of life for future generations. The team at EYELEVEL asked how can we use our businesses, brands, and institutions as catalysts for positive change? How do we design spaces that allow us to gain efficiencies, work on what we love, make purchasing decisions, and all of the in-between?

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IDL Gameday

IDL Worldwide teamed up with the Portland Trail Blazers to showcase their 2018 season Gameday Posters for Design Week Portland.

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In this case: a one-of-a-kind physical structure that questions our conventional ideas of comfort.


Dungeons & Dragons & Design

Colby Nichols

In 2019, Design Week held it’s first live D&D event with host and Dungeon Master Colby Nichols (Jolby & Friends) as he led Adam Garcia (The Pressure), Tammi Heneveld, and Ian Whitmore through a dangerous adventure filled with laughs, smiles, and gasps as the audience even got to participate.


The Native Perspective Missing from Design

As often as Native and Native-influenced imagery turns up in apparel, graphic design, product design and elsewhere, there’s a chronic dearth of Native designers or influencers involved in the creative process. OPB State of Wonder speaks with a constellation of Native designers and makers to unpack the systems that made these images possible, and discuss more equitable products.